It's Our Environmental Responsibility

to reduce our carbon footprint!

Reducing CO2 is imperative, and we can achieve it in many ways. Reducing the amount of transportation needed to transport Ultrasound Gel, manufacture it’s packaging, and warehouse it’s contents was a great place for us to start. Once we started to crunch the numbers it was quite staggering how much potential we had to actually make a difference. By using EcoVue®, you will help contribute to a better environment.

EcoVue Sustainability Cloud

Here is how we plan on doing so.

After running the numbers these are the calculations of facts that back up our mission to reduce our carbon footprint and how it affects generations to come. From millions of less containers to hundreds of thousands of pounds of unused gel in land fills, click below for more statistics that soldify EcoVue® as a game changer!

million less
containers in landfills
less pounds
of emissions
less pounds
of Gel in landfills
less pallets

By switching to EcoVue®, you will contribute to a more sustainable environment.