Who EcoVue® Helps

When it comes to your clinic, you want the best products and, let’s face it, you want them at the best prices. A lot of research goes into deciding what’s best for your clinic. You need to pick something that helps not only your patients get the care they need, but also allows your medical professionals be able to do the best job possible — and you need something that benefits your clinic as well.

EcoVue® is an eco-friendly sonogram gel that makes a difference in a limitless number of ways. Find out who benefits from EcoVue, and switch to our ultrasound gel — we know that once you go with EcoVue, you won’t go back.


Patients are at the top of the list for who our sonogram gel supports. Unlike other gels, EcoVue is almost entirely comprised of natural ingredients — 99 percent, to be more precise. Our gel is also free of parabens, which can cause skin irritation, and it also is free from propylene glycol. Not to mention, we are compliant with CA Prop 65!

What is CA Prop 65?

Good question. It’s a proposition that’s also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. To be compliant with CA Prop 65, a product cannot contain any ingredients that are known to cause cancer or defects. We’ve taken it a step further with our sonogram gel, making it so that even certain ingredients that are deemed “safe” — but have not been proven to be harmful — are excluded from our product.

We’ve gone above and beyond to make sure EcoVue doesn’t just work, but that it’s perhaps the safest sonogram gel available on the market. In fact, we’ve even redesigned the packaging so that it has a foolproof way to preserve the gel inside. Providing the best possible sonogram gel for patients might seem like a little thing, but for expectant mothers and people needing ultrasounds, it makes all the difference.

Medical Professionals

If there’s a medical product that isn’t doing its job as well as it should, your staff will be the first to let you know. Doctors, nurses, ultrasound technicians — they all deal with these products every single day. For as tough as their jobs are, they deserve things to be made easier whenever possible. Our sonogram gel does just that.

To start, EcoVue is hardly affected (if at all) by heat. Even when heated to 40°C, the acoustic velocity remains constant. This is great to keep in mind for clinics in hotter climates. With a unique and unprecedented style of packaging, it’s easier than ever to use EcoVue for sonogram gel. And with environmental benefits, medical professionals can feel great about using our product, knowing that it not only helps their patients and helps them do their job, but it also helps the world as well.

Medical Clinics

We’ve talked a little about our packaging, but there’s a way that it can save your clinic money while still getting the most bang for your buck. Other sonogram gels usually end up only being able to dispense 85.5 percent of the product. With nearly 15 percent of gel going unused, this leads to a waste of product and a waste of your money — you’ll have to replace your sonogram gel sooner in order to buy more of it. The innovative FlexPac® actually dispenses 99.5 percent of EcoVue, meaning you spend less time placing inventory orders and less money needing to replace your sonogram gel.

Your medical clinic also will benefit from the eco-friendly nature of EcoVue, which leads us to our next point…

The Environment

It might sound cheesy to say that a sonogram gel is changing the world, but we know it to be true. Traditional sonogram gel bottles aren’t as efficient and functional as the FlexPac, which is why 113,000 pounds of carbon dioxide are used in order to transport them to medical clinics everywhere. With the FlexPac, carbon dioxide emissions are only 7,000 pounds a year. And since our product disperses more than the average sonogram gel bottle, this leads to 800,000 less pounds of gel in landfills.

EcoVue is truly making a difference in the environment, and we are always focused on reducing our carbon footprint. When your clinic chooses to use eco-friendly products, this attracts more people to choose your clinic. It’s something that you can advertise about, as well as post on social media and blog about to build up your web presence. Don’t think of it as bragging — you’re making a conscious effort to help the environment, and this deserves to be celebrated!

EcoVue is the first product of its kind, and it’s the only sonogram gel that can help patients, doctors, nurses, technicians, clinics, hospitals, and the world. Try EcoVue out for yourself to see just how impactful our sonogram gel is — get in touch with us to get started and make the switch today.