Sustainable Practices For Your Clinic: Recycling

Running a hospital, clinic, or private practice requires immense skill in organization, leadership, and efficiency. From balancing budgets to overseeing changes taking effect, there’s practically no limit to the number of things on your list of to-dos. From all of us at EcoVue®, the last thing we would want to do is burden you with even more tasks to complete, because we understand how truly busy you are. And yet, there’s huge merit to making a change in the process and procedures that take place in your establishment. When you approach things with an eco-friendly mindset, you can create sustainable practices that make running a clinic easier, more affordable, and even better for the environment.

We’ve mentioned previously the many benefits that come from sustainable practices, but we think it’s more tangible (and helpful) to lay some of these benefits out for you. In our next series, we’ll take a look at several ways in which you can facilitate sustainability in your clinic, focusing this first time on recycling. In the meantime, choose EcoVue for an ultrasound conductive gel that helps your patients and staff — and the environment, too!


We hear the phrase “Reduce, reuse, recycle” pretty frequently — but can it really help your medical clinic? It seems way too easy, but recycling can make a significant difference in so many different arenas.

Your Environment

When we recycle, we’re ultimately supporting the environment in both energy consumption and the integrity of our planet. Anytime we’re producing something (such as plastic), we use energy. The more we produce, the more energy resources we need. The majority of the time, this looks like utilizing nonrenewable resources, like coal and natural gas. In order to access these resources, the land is disrupted, and can create problems in the natural ecosystem. This in turn can lead to health risks for humans. By recycling, we’re reusing materials, which requires less energy to create new products.

Additionally, recycling means less waste is left to fill up landfills. Non-recyclable materials take an inordinate amount of time to decompose, which results in space being filled up with garbage. If you’d rather live near a peaceful prairie or serene forest than a gaping hole of trash, we can’t blame you. Recycling limits the amount of materials that take up our natural, beautiful planet.

Your Clinic

There are a number of programs in which you can actually receive financial benefits for recycling. Finding the right one is crucial for your clinic or hospital, and can incentivize your clinic as a whole to get involved. The government also provides tax benefits for businesses who recycle. If you partake in recycling operational machinery or equipment, you could qualify for a refund — and when it comes to budgeting for your clinic, every bit counts!

Your Impact

Recycling seems like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference. Recycling paper can save tons of trees from needing to be cut down — as a fact sheet from BYU Idaho shows, if every person in the United States recycled even just one-tenth of their newspapers, this would save 25,000,000 trees a year. The same fact sheet states that, “Recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television set for 3 hours!”

By saving resources, you’re making a healthy difference for not only the planet as a whole, but for its inhabitants. People who live in areas with better air quality and land with its integrity preserved experience better health as a whole — in fact, recycling alone has been proven to have a positive impact on human health!

Imagine eliminating some of the health afflictions — such as asthma and even some cancers — that are regularly seen in your hospital. Recycling is just one sustainable practice that can make a phenomenal difference for your clinic, and in so many different aspects. The great news is that utilizing HR Pharmaceuticals for our ultrasound conductive gel is designed to help contribute to your medical clinic’s recycling goals.

Our ultrasound conductive gel is packaged purposefully to use the least amount of materials as possible. By using our sonogram gel, you’ll get over 99 percent of the product removed, meaning that none is being left to waste — and that you also won’t need to order our gel as frequently. Additionally, the secondary packaging comes from all recycled materials, because we know the impact that our sustainable practices can have on all of us.

EcoVue created a product that not only provides exceptional results, but one that also helps the world around us in the process. We know that every little thing can add up and make a difference, which is why we’re so committed to sustainable practices — for both our business and for others. Switch to our ultrasound conductive gel to continue supporting sustainability in your clinic by contacting us today. We look forward to working with you!