Sustainable Practices For Your Clinic: Choose Local

When it comes to creating a sustainable clinic, one of the best ways you can implement sustainability is to choose local. From the food you eat to the products you use in your clinic, you can create a difference by opting for a local focus.

Here at HR Pharmaceuticals, we are committed to sustainable practices, which is why we created EcoVue®, an innovative ultrasound gel. Our product helps create 1.5 million less containers in landfills and equals 800,000 less pounds of gel in landfills. If you are looking to create a more sustainable clinic, start by choosing sustainable products like EcoVue.

Read on to learn more ways you can create sustainable practices for your clinic through a local focus.

Shop Local To Save On Transportation

When it comes to shopping, choosing local can make a huge difference in your impact on the environment. When you shop locally, rather than traveling long distances, you cut down on the amount of fuel you use for transport. Whether you are shopping for products for your clinic or you are shopping for your own personal use, choosing local businesses that are nearby can help you cut down on your impact on the environment.

Create the Best Route

Start by going online and finding the best local stores near you. Map out places for food and supplies that are easy to access. Think ahead of time about the best route you can take that utilizes the most efficient route. This can help you cut down on the amount of gas you use to get from place to place. Try to dedicate enough time to run all your errands at once as well. This will prevent you from taking a bunch of trips in one week that are less fuel efficient.

Purchase In Bulk When Possible

When you are shopping locally, try to buy items that you can in bulk. By purchasing in bulk you will not only save yourself money, you will save yourself from making trip after trip to the store. When it comes to buying products for your clinic, bulk will also cut down on the time you invest in inventory related tasks.

Use Local Products For Employee Events

When you are throwing an event for your staff, try to do as much of the shopping for that event as possible from local stores. Find local stores that are also sourcing their products from local places. This means that not only will you be traveling less but the products will have reached the store with less transport required as well. This helps to cut down on the amount of fuel used immensely.

Enjoy Your Bragging Rights

As a clinic, let your clients know that you opt for local products. This will allow your clients to know that by supporting you, they are also supporting their local community. Choosing local products can start with even small things. For example, does your receptionist leave out hand sanitizer and lotion for those who are checking in? Choose local products that showcase a company from your community. You can also encourage your clients to shop locally by leaving out information about some of the local products your clinic uses. The cycle of sustainability can be kick-started by even the simplest of actions. Encourage your staff to constantly be thinking of ways you can improve your clinic’s environmental impact.

Eat Local To Support Your Community

Not only should you shop for your products locally, you should also opt to eat local foods. This will both support your community and as well as better your health. By looking for produce that was grown in your region or choosing products crafted locally, you can help small business owners in the area succeed.

When you offer food to your employees for events or in celebration, choose to cater from a local company who utilizes as much food from the area as they can. Did you know that eating locally grown foods is actually healthier as well as being more sustainable? Because the food has a shorter time period between harvest and reaching your table, you lose less nutrients.

Eating local foods also promotes more green space in your community. This is better for the environment and creates a more beautiful place for you to live. Take it a step further and reward your employees for choosing local foods. You can start a point system for those who bring a lunch featuring local products or choose to eat at a restaurant that specifically focuses on locally sourced food. This will create a more sustainable mindset in your clinic as well as benefit the health of your employees, leading to a better work environment for everyone.

Use Eco-Friendly Products In Your Clinic

While choosing to shop and eat locally will go a long way in cutting down transportation impact and will help sustain your local community, operating a sustainable clinic goes beyond just these practices. When you are choosing products for your clinic, think about the impact they have upon the environment globally. Opt for companies that place a high value upon sustainability.

For example, when choosing ultrasound gel, look into how the product was made, what materials it uses, and whether or not the packaging contributes to sustainability. Our eco-friendly ultrasound jelly is designed with the environment in mind. EcoVue is produced from 97.8 percent naturally fermented ingredients, as well as being manufactured from renewable and organic resources.

We encourage clinic’s to take a deeper look into how sustainable their practices are, which is why we hold ourselves to the same standard. We created packaging that is unique to EcoVue and EcoVue alone. Our packaging is extremely lightweight, which helps to reduce transportation costs and the impact that transportation has upon the environment. The packaging is also designed to allow for 99.5 percent evacuation of product, which leads to less waste.

If you are striving to operate a sustainable clinic, opt for supporting local as much as possible and choose eco-friendly products every chance you can. If you are interested in switching to the best ultrasound gel for a sustainable clinic, reach out to our team today.