Sustainable Healthcare: The Movement Toward Globally Green – Part 3: The Benefits

Welcome back to part three, the conclusion of our three-part series on sustainability in the healthcare industry and the movement toward globally green. In part one of this series, we identified some of the common barriers for why the industry is not already completely green and the hesitation to makes moves toward it. In part two we discussed some ways that healthcare facilities can implement changes that help support the environment, while also protecting their bottom line, after all, healthcare is a business. In this final part, we will discuss the benefits of the healthcare industry going green and adopting more sustainable practices.

The environmental responsibility of the healthcare industry should be fairly obvious. The healthcare industry is ranked number four in the list of top industries in the United States in terms of production demand, resource usage, and expenses. Additionally, the healthcare industry is the number one contributor to the US economy and provides more than 18 million jobs nationwide, with annual rises in employment rates. As the population ages and technology advances, the dependence on reliable healthcare will continue to rise. Along with it, the use of medical resources and consumption of energy and medical products. As a business leader, environmental change begins with an improvement in industry standards.

The benefits of going green, industry-wide and globally.

As a powerhouse in the national and global market, the healthcare industry has a responsibility to the people it both employs and serves, as well as the environment to protect and heal. Aside from feeling good and being a positive influence in the world, there are many tangible benefits to helping the industry go green.

Protect the bottom line.

When we discuss the healthcare industry, whether you work in a not-for-profit, for-profit, government funded, or volunteer facility, the bottom line of business is how the company operates and remains on top, financially. With an obligation to serve, regardless of the patient’s health insurance status or ability to pay, this is incredibly difficult for many facilities. Healthcare is an industry that bleeds expenses and yields little in return. Using products and practices that support the environment allows you to retain value in each product and lose less, monetarily. For instance, using reusable bed liners versus disposable chuck pads, your facility supports the environment by reducing waste and saves tens of thousands of dollars by reusing the same materials again and again. Additionally, low-flow toilets and solar panels offer ways for facilities that operate 24-hours a day to reduce energy consumption and energy bills.

Protect the planet.

As an industry, if we are providing the means to support longer, healthier lives, it means that we are both allowing more people to exist at once as well as allowing them to exist longer. This means we must also provide them a place to live. As the population grows, renewable resources are becoming more scarce and will continue to do so. By using products that are environmentally conscious, the industry can help provide a healthy environment that will support healthy living. Protecting the planet will also help ensure that the resources needed to operate in the healthcare industry will be available for centuries to come.

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