How Each Product Impacts Your Organization’s Bottom Line

More than just the cost of doing business.

As you are already well aware, running a medical clinic is expensive. The revenue brought in by patients paying for your quality care is not always enough to cover the cost of providing those services. And, negotiating with insurance companies is much more than a full-time job. When you start looking around at places to save money and cut costs, you will quickly realize how each product used in your facility makes a significant impact.

Even if you are a not-for-profit organization, you still have employees to staff and need to rally your resources to continue to serve your patients. Join us today as we discuss how each product you stock in your medical facility — whether it is an OB/GYN office or a multi-facility hospital organization.


Cost is the most obvious impact that each product has on the overall expenses of a facility is the initial upfront cost. There is the cost of the product itself, the cost of having it delivered and stocked, and then the cost of using it. Most organizations purchase in bulk to help lower costs, which is smart, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Storage requirements
  • Expiration dates
  • How much of the product does your facility use

Some other things that affect the cost of a product include things like how much of it is being used, how it is being used, and who is using it. Take, for instance, ultrasound gel. While single-use packets can be convenient in some situations and remain sterile, a procedure like an ultrasound does not require sterility, and the procedure may require varying amounts of gel. Using single packets may not be the most financially wise solution for a clinic that performs many ultrasounds a day.


There are a few ways that each individual product used impacts the quality of your organization. First, the quality of a single product has the ability to influence the overall user experience, which correlates to patient (un)satisfaction. Products that are uncomfortable to use or have unpleasant side effects may influence potential patients to avoid seeking services.

Your employees that are on the frontline of patient care are acutely aware of how each product works and will choose those that give the desired outcome without hassle or additional cleanup. If the product is not high-quality, it will be left abandoned on the stock shelves until there are no other options and then essentially wasted until it is gone and (hopefully) replaced by a better product. This waste of product, whether by inuse or misuse, can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of waste.

Products that are low in quality, while less expensive, may require much more of the product to be used to get the desired outcome. For instance, using an ultrasound jelly that is low-quality may become sticky or cause flaking, causing the ultrasound technician to have to reapply a few times, and potentially still resulting in poor image quality. Not only does this cause the procedure to take longer, but more product is used, money from two sources being squandered because of the seemingly insignificant detail of which ultrasound gel was used.

With a product like EcoVue Ultrasound Gel, the premium viscosity and resistance to clumping helps to keep your patients comfortable and satisfied. The smooth quality and superior transduction EcoVue offers, allows the ultrasound technician to produce quality images quickly and efficiently. Simply switching the ultrasound to a high-quality product allows the ultrasound technician to see twice as many patients while using half as much product — directly impacting the organization’s bottom line!


With every product comes some degree of waste. Whether it is unused product that remains in the packaging, unopened products left in a patient’s room or an employee scrub pocket that never gets used, or disposing of the packaging itself. It is a critical part of running an organization that you have a waste, fraud, and abuse prevention program. In many hospital settings, each product must be scanned to a patient. This helps with inventory and accountability, as well as improves product use and reduces waste.

Products like EcoVue Ultrasound Gel helps to further reduce waste by creating packaging that promotes complete use of the product, with very little ability for the gell to get stuck in the tube. Additionally, EcoVue tossed the traditional plastic bottles that took up space in landfills and used a great deal of plastic. Instead, EcoVue opts for an environmentally friendly packaging that takes up less space and decomposes better.

Shipping and Storage.

Shipping and storing products and goods can be as expensive, if not more so, than the products themselves. And, if you consider the overall cost in general, getting products to individual facilities is fairly taxing to the environment. You can cut your costs and your environmental impact by purchasing products with minimal, environmentally-friendly packaging. Products that are packaged to reduce the space they take up helps reduce the space they take in shipping trucks as well as stock rooms. The environmentally-friendly packaging helps to reduce the amount of waste your facility tosses out. This not only helps with your organization’s bottom line by saving money on waste removal but also helps keep landfills a little less full and reduces the overall medical waste, which is one of the largest contributors to American landfills.

EcoVue Ultrasound Gel is packaged in space-saving, environmentally-friendly packaging that reduces the number of pallets holding the product in warehouses by 94%. The packaging allows for more product to be used than traditional plastic bottle ultrasound gel, which means there is 800,000 fewer pounds of ultrasound gel and 1.5 million less plastic bottles sitting in landfills. Because of these two traits, it has also resulted in 60,000 fewer pounds of emissions produced to transport the product. Not only do these astounding numbers save your organization tens of thousands of dollars, but you get a superior product that you can feel good about.

Help protect your organization’s bottom line when you use cost-efficient products like EcoVue Ultrasound Gel and other products from HR Pharmaceuticals. We are working to reduce the cost to our clients, reduce our environmental impact, and help the entire medical industry reduce waste and cost to their patients. To join the movement and save money on high-quality ultrasound gel, shop our entire product line online today.