Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Ultrasound Gel

When it comes to choosing the right products for your clinic, there are a lot of factors to consider. You need to stick to your clinic’s budget, you want products that you can count on, and you want those products to benefit your patients and staff. One area many clinics forget to think about is how the products they choose will affect the environment around them. If you are a clinic or hospital striving to become a more sustainable and eco-friendly business, consider how the products you purchase will impact the environment.

One product that will play a large role in how eco-friendly you are as a clinic is the ultrasound gel you utilize. If you are thinking of making the switch to an eco-friendly ultrasound gel, you will derive a myriad of benefits from doing so. Read on to learn more about these benefits and about why EcoVue® is the industry leader in sustainable solutions for ultrasound gel.

Natural Ingredients: Better For You And Better For The Planet

When you choose an eco-friendly ultrasound gel, such as EcoVue, you are choosing a product that is designed with natural ingredients. Ultrasound gel is used for both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and as such, it is important to ensure the product you use is beneficial for your patient’s health. Natural ingredients ensure that you are not exposing your client to harmful chemicals or harsh additives that may cause them discomfort or have a negative impact upon their health. For many clinics who use ultrasound gel on a day-to-day basis, you are likely interacting with expectant mothers. These mothers care greatly about the safety of their growing baby. By using natural ingredients, you can reassure these mothers that both they and their baby are safe.

Natural ingredients are not only good for your client, they are also beneficial for the environment as a whole. You can rest assured that when you are using an eco-friendly ultrasound gel designed with natural ingredients, you are protecting mother nature. Every product and ultrasound lubricant you utilize in your clinic will have a lasting impact upon the environment. Think about it this way, any gel or lubricant will eventually find its way down a drain. When that ultrasound gel enters the drain and eventually the water stream, natural ingredients will ensure you are not impacting the local environment negatively.

Improved Packaging: Less Environmental Impact And Less Waste

A major advancement that was made with EcoVue’s environmentally friendly ultrasound lube is found in the packaging itself. Unfortunately, packaging has long been a contributor to waste and a large carbon footprint due to the transportation required to move traditional packaging around the country.

New, flexible packaging has led to a reduction in the environmental footprint left behind. Lightweight packaging takes less energy to create and ultimately less energy to transport. This leads to a massive reduction in energy usage and leaves behind a smaller footprint. Not only does improved packaging reduce production and transportation costs, it also can lead to less waste of the ultrasound gel itself. For example, EcoVue’s revolutionary packaging allows for 99.5 percent evacuation of the product in contrast to traditional bottles which only dispense 85.5 percent of the product. This means far less ultrasound gel is wasted and less units need to be consumed annually.

When you switch from a traditional ultrasound lubricant bottle to the design of EcoVue’s new packaging, you will contribute to the following waste reductions:

  • 1.5 million less containers in landfills
  • 800,000 fewer pounds of gel in landfills
  • $1,875,000 in savings for the industry

Overall Savings For Your Clinic

In the above point, we discussed how improved packaging can lead to less waste of product. Because eco-friendly packaging allows for better dispensing of the ultrasound gel, your clinic will need to purchase less product overall. This better product yield can help you to reduce your bottom line. Buying less not only saves you money each month, it also contributes to the health of the planet as the less we consume the less negative impact we leave upon the environment.

Take the time to demonstrate to your staff how the new packaging works so they can get the most out of the improved design. Many ultrasound technicians may be accustomed to the waste that has traditionally been a part of the package design. However, by properly utilizing the new package style, your staff can help cut down costs by wasting less.

Safety – FDA Approved

While becoming a more sustainable and eco-friendly clinic might be a high priority, it can never take precedence over the safety of your patients. No matter how great an eco-friendly product might sound, if it doesn’t hold up to safety standards, it simply cannot be a part of your daily operation.

The good news is that EcoVue not only created an eco-friendly ultrasound gel, they also designed the product to meet FDA standards and to ensure safety still comes first. This ultrasound jelly meets the recommendation of the FDA to never refill ultrasound gel containers, thus eliminating the risk of cross contamination. Not only that, but EcoVue packaging also features tamper-evident packaging, so that you can be certain each package is brand new and completely safe for use.

Make The Switch To EcoVue

If you have been considering eco-friendly ultrasound gel for your clinic, we encourage you to make the switch to EcoVue. Our high-quality ultrasound lubrication is designed with both you and the planet in mind. You can rest assured that our ultrasound jelly performs just as well as traditional, non-environmentally friendly products. We carry the best ultrasound gel for both therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

When you choose EcoVue for your clinic, you can rest assured that your staff will have access to the latest and greatest in ultrasound jelly. Our ultrasound gel also allows for easy clean-up with no sticky residue, leading to better comfort for your patients. If you would like to learn more about how you can make the switch to an eco-friendly ultrasound gel, please reach out to our team today. We look forward to helping you become a more sustainable clinic without sacrificing any quality for your staff or patients.