EcoVue® was designed with not only the patient and physician in mind, but the environment and the role we play in reducing our carbon footprint. EcoVue®’s formula and packaging defines the future market and will change the industry’s vue of ultrasound gel.

Ergonomic Packaging

The packaging is ergonomically designed for ease of use and functionality.

Safety / FDA

EcoVue® satisfies the FDA recommendation on not refilling ultrasound gel containers, thus eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

Acoustic Velocity

EcoVue® allows the acoustic velocity to remain constant when heated to 40°C. Heat has little to no effect on performance.

Post-Procedure Care

EcoVue® provides for a quick and easy clean-up and leaves no sticky residue.

Tamper Evident Packaging

EcoVue® products have tamper proof mechanisms to ensure product performance.


EcoVue® formula and packaging are patented.