The patented design allows the device to warm flexible packaged products. The Acclimate® gel warmer is the only warmer designed with single-use packets and standard size flexible packaging in mind. The front “dip” allows for easy access to insert and remove single-use packets without having to reach down into a cavity designed for other types of packaging.

FlexPac® Compatible

Acclimate® is specifically designed to warm EcoVue® Ultrasound gel but is capable of warming other flexible packaged products.

Single Use Packet Friendly

The only warmer designed with single-use packets in mind.

Single Button Control

Press button once and turns on blue. Press button a second time blinks green, and quickly heats evenly. Turns solid green holding gel at a consistent temperature range.

More Reasons to Choose Acclimate®...

Don't worry it's so cool it's Patent Pending!

1. Wall Mount or Countertop
2. Two Stage Thermal Cut-Off Protects from Overheating
3. UL Listed
4. Available in 120V or 230V
5. Two-year Warranty

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