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Ultrasound has changed dramatically over the last 50 years, yet there’s been almost no change in ultrasound gel to ensure it keeps up – until now. Fine-tuned to meet the needs of technicians and technology, while delivering superior value and efficiency, EcoVue® sets the standard in high quality ultrasound gel.

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Natural Formula 99% Natural Formula
Quality Exceptional Image Quality & Glide
Equipment Easier on
”I used the EcoVue Gel with the XL14-3 and it really performed well, much better than the ultrasound gel I had used previously. It doesn’t dry out as quickly and allows for better contact with that particular transducer. I also used it with the L12-3 and C5-1 and it worked well.”
- Philips Healthcare

Packaging Options to meet Efficiency and Infection Control Demands

EcoVue’s diverse packaging options provide flexibility to meet today’s efficiency and infection control demands. In addition to traditional bottle sizes and an eco-friendly FlexPac® that dramatically reduces waste, EcoVue® is available in a variety of single-use packs in both sterile and non-sterile options. The flexibility in single-use sizes allows technicians to choose the right amount for the procedure, dramatically reducing waste.

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